Sunday, July 8, 2012

肉丝面包花卷 Meat Floss Hua Juan

高筋面粉 250g high protein flour
白油 2 teaspoons shortening
幼糖 2 tablespoons sugar
酵母 7g dry yeast
鸡蛋 1/2 egg
奶粉 1 tablespoons milk powder
冷鲜奶100ml cold fresh milk
牛油 2 teaspoons butter
肉松 meat floss
蛋液 egg wash

慢慢加入冷鲜奶搅拌面团, 然后加入牛油
add all high protein flour, shortening, sugar, milk powder, 
1/2 egg and dry yeast into the mixing bowl 
slowly add in cold fresh milk beat to form dough
lastly add in butter and beat to form a smooth dough
remove the dough and cover with big bowl 
and let rise for 1-2 hours or double the size

把面团杆成圆形, 3片重贴在一起(如图)
抹上一层蛋液, 再撒上肉丝卷起
divide the dough into 15 portions
round the dough into ball shape
and rest for another 20 minutes
roll out round shape and place 3 pieces on top of each other
brush a layer of egg wash
then sprinkle some meat floss on top
roll up slowly and cut into half
it will turn into two hua juan
place in the greased baking pan or bread cup
let rise for 40-60 minutes or double the size 
brush with egg wash
sprinkle some sesame on top
bake at 180 for about 15 minutes

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